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How to write about something that I do not even want to put words. It was so much and so beautiful what happened to me during my 9 days of retreat in this beautiful house and family at the beautiful region of Pokhara in Nepal…

I discovered that Japanese poem as I discovered once Akashi Gallery. By chance and peacefully, and in the same way I try to recommend it to you.

How magic is when you discover a place in your own city that gives you what you most love?

The brand Verdugo Clothing, with pure Lorena after it, presented its new collection Off The Grid in Vallvidrera mountains from Barcelona, surrounded by nature and with an inspiring floral workshop.

The first time I saw Esther in L’Hort – the co-working we share, my favourite place to work –  she was smiling just like in the first picture, well actually, also like in the second, third and fourth one. I’ve never known anyone with his capacity for smiling. She is an smile! I remember the first week I was just observing her like – Is she normal? Is that possible she is smiling and laughing that much? After five days I was absolutely amazed by her. She is one of the most inspiring persons I know, she is a real…

The japanese inspiration, the softness of the leather, the amazing folds, the colours, the origami expressions and the smell… i’m still opening the bag at the wardrobe just to smell the allure. Isn’t it something more than a simple bag?

The house, the experience, everything is meant to be appreciated with the entire body – natural light is there to weave together the indoors and outdoors – and open mind, because it becomes spiritual since your feet land on the island.