Carla is a wild beauty. Inside and outside.

Carla is like one of the vivarium plants its family business Vivers Camprubí.

Carla is wild, and beauty and inspiring. And this last one is maybe what I most love from her.


What’s your favourite plan?
Mmm … I guess meeting friends for lunch or dinner and finish all very drunk and very full stomach (laughs). One of those meals that becomes eternal with laughters and anecdotes. Although lying down on the couch on a rainy day reading a good book or watching a movie, while I drink a good bottle of wine, it also seems a super plan for me.
And plant?
My family has been related to the production of trees for 150 years. I love many plants, it is in my chromosomes, but right now, I’d say the cypress, magnolia, American oak, maple and cherry Japanese. Although the cypress is reputed to the “graveyard tree”, it seems to me very elegant and majestic, it takes me to Tuscany, to sobriety and good taste. The magnolia flower is delicate and beautiful, and smells so good, you feel like eating it. The American oak gives me security. Whenever I think of “tree”, I visualize an oak. Also I like it when the leaves change their color. Both cypress and Japanese maple trees are highly sophisticated and seem taken from a dream. If there is a heaven, I imagine full of Japanese cypress, all roses, like cotton candy clouds.
What’s the best thing that happened to you in the middle of nature?
Complicated question … I have lived very mystical moments, but who has not? Now I will be a bit cheesy, but I think the most special was a few years ago when I fell in love with a boy while walking through a park at night and I explained the history of the place. He had that kind of decadence that makes it unique, wild and beautiful.
How do you care of your body?
I try to keep a balanced diet. I eat everything, without excess. I do not play sports, I’m a little vague (laughs), so I try to walk a lot and do not abuse the elevator or escalator. I also try to keep the skin hydrated, and from time to time, I give myself a fancy to get a massage, either corporal or facial.
And mind?
Well, I’m pretty “brainwash”, so I’m working (laughs), but… I try not to give more importance to material things, I guess, and i try to be positive and optimistic.
The best trip you have done so far.
Easy, Thailand last summer. It helped me focus many things that tormented me at that time. I will always remember that trip with special affection. Also a road trip I made with my parents and my sister many years ago throughout Italy. We spent all summer on the trip, it was amazing.
And your dreamed trip?
A road trip along Route 66, USA, in the style of “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. But also really catches my attention the whole area of ​​Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana … Jazz!
A phrase you that represents you.
I think that: “I am passionate crazy. Because life without madness is square and without passion has no taste”. I have no idea who this is.