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How to write about something that I do not even want to put words. It was so much and so beautiful what happened to me during my 9 days of retreat in this beautiful house and family at the beautiful region of Pokhara in Nepal…

The japanese inspiration, the softness of the leather, the amazing folds, the colours, the origami expressions and the smell… i’m still opening the bag at the wardrobe just to smell the allure. Isn’t it something more than a simple bag?

The house, the experience, everything is meant to be appreciated with the entire body – natural light is there to weave together the indoors and outdoors – and open mind, because it becomes spiritual since your feet land on the island.

I had the beautiful change – and already recommend some friends – to try this amazing brand and shop located in El Born in Barcelona called Henna Morena. Natural, with a very good smell, and beautiful souls behind the brand, as I love cosmetic products.

This is one of these books that can change your life. It changed mine, and in this post I summarize some of the thoughts that I never want to forget.