This is a usual question that people use to do. What are the differences between eco, bio… or organic products?

The answer can’t be simple (and beautiful) as: none!

Let’s do one of my favourites things to do: check the meaning of the words on the dictionary.


Eco – the diminutive coming from ecological -: of or relating to ecology, the science of the relationships between organisms and their environments. Practice, policy, product, etc. tending to benefit or cause minimal damage to the environment.

Bio – the diminutive coming from biological -: pertaining to biology, the natural science that study the life and living organisms. Related to products, the bioproducts or bio-based products are materials, chemicals and energy derived from renewable biological resources.

Organic: produced by nature; not artificial or manmade. Natural, pesticide-free, not-natural-chemistry free, additive-free.


Conclusion: the three of them are differents words to describe things related to living organisms, environments, life and nature, at the end, things that there are not manipulated by non-natural things. At the end, the three of them are related to things not artificial, which means, NATURAL things.

So… let’s do a salad with all af them, because this salad will be pure, healthy and absolutely yummy! 😉


Much eco (as bio and organic) love!



Pic above from the Wok Organic Market  of Passeig Sant Joan – one of my favourites assiduous shops – and the one of the front from the little orchard from Flax & Kale.