The first time I saw Esther in L’Hort – the co-working we share, my favourite place to work –  she was smiling just like in the first picture, well actually, also like in the second, third and fourth one.

I’ve never known anyone with his capacity for smiling. She is an smile!

I remember the first week I was just observing her like – Is she normal? Is that possible she is smiling and laughing that much?

After five days I was absolutely amazed by her. She is one of the most inspiring persons I know, she is a real optimistic person from heart and a very good person and professional. She just applies her positive attitude to everything she does, so nothing can go wrong for her.

As you can guess, her smile and laugh is contagious.

I just hope to be “infected” much longer.

Enjoy her interview – and contact her here if you want to know more -!






– What do you do? Which is you favorite project in these moments?

I run my own studio: I am interior designer and economist. Odd? I believe singular combination. I get to work with both side of my brain, the rational/analytical and more emotional/creative one. I used to work in multinationals and I found that something was missing so I took a detour and work my passion for spaces. If you add to that a cosmopolitan point of view, supported by the fact I speak and have lived in different countries, well you get to me this crazy woman who loves to do things in a different way, never the easy one. I can’t help it hahahah. So the last project I am working is desigmed: a brand that vouches for good design. I and Jordi Ruiz (professional partner) present five industrial designers which reconcile art and industry with a Mediterranean urban style. Their main characteristic is that they are responsible for the product from its creation, production until it is delivered to the market. We just launched it in Barcelona, but we want to move them in London, Amsterdam, Berlin…As if having my own studio, finishing an interior design project in London wasn’t enough 😉


– What’s your favourite plan in the place you live? 

I feel as if I was divided in two parts, let me explain you. I am a mum and a professional and I love both. So I try to get the best from both experiences. I enjoy going to have lunch menu at new restaurants, assist to venues that continue to pop in the city and share it with friends and at least once a week I have dinner with my husband and try a new food concept (just like before we even got married). But I also save at least two afternoons to see the world through my daughter’s eyes, go and swim with her, dance, experience live from a totally different perspective.


– And what’s your favourite plant?

I can’t resist the smell of jasmine, such a delicate flower which casts your soul. Nowadays we are so visual, and a smell can transport you to a new world. Also I am really passionate about our new member in the family, a ficus benjamina which my colleagues gave me as a present for my birthday! I am so happy.


– How do you care of your body? 

I practice yoga once or twice a week, swim in an outdoor pool or even better at open sea. At winter time I practice snowboard. We work and live usually in closed spaces and as a designer in a great city Barcelona, but I need to connect with nature.


– And mind? 

Body and mind are connected more than we think so yoga helps me a lot. Feeling all those ideas, projects become quite and enjoying internal silence, wow. Also I consider swimming as meditation in movement.


– What’s the best thing that has happened to you in the middle of the nature?

My husband proposed marriage to me, in the middle of an excursion in company of our german shepherd. I burst out of happiness when we arrived at our destination Montgarri and started to understand what had just happened. So we married in the Pyrenees. We organized a long weekend, so we could enjoy a bit more the moment surrounded by our friend and family. We celebrated the party at a big hut under Montarto’s peak, as if it was blessing us. I recommend it to everyone. All our friends asked us why we married there; we have lived lots of special moments in those mountains and valleys, so we feel very close to them. Once they spent the weekend there, they told us they understood why it was so magic.


– The best trip you have done so far.

That is a hard one to answer. I really enjoyed going to New Zealand, so many different landscape in such a short distance, Wellington which felt as a condensed New York City. But if you ask me for paradise in earth, Boipeba a small Island in Brasil quite wild, but greatest nature, beaches, people and food.


– And your dreamed trip?

I would travel around the world for one year, combining nature and culture. For the first one definitely Iceland, Australia, Bali. Japan would be a mix of both nature and culture. And then spend a month in New York, Cape Town, Berlin, London, Paris, trying to live as if it was our home.


– A phrase that represents you.

Smile you can always make the world a better place 😉