What to do with the 2kg. limes that are left over from the gin tonics of your countryside wedding?

Just typing “gluten free key lime pie” on Google and from all the recipes you got, make your own one.

That was my (super yummy) result:

  1. The ingredients:
  • Three fresh limes and two more for decorating.
  • Two egg folks
  • Organic Crème Cuisine – used instead of condensed milk -.
  • Organic margarine
  • Gluten Free cookies
  • Ágave Syrup – or your regular sweetener instead of sugar -.



2.  Step by step:

  • Preheat the oven at 180º.
  • Crush the cookies and mix them with two big spoons of margarine – I use the Thermomix, but you can do it with a minipimer or even funnier, with your hands! To make it easier, you can melt the margarine -.
  • Cover the mold with the resulting paste of margarine+cookies and introduce it to the oven during 8 min. at 120º.
  • Mix the juice of the three fresh limes, the crème cuisine and the two egg folks, and add the ágave syrup depending on how sweet you like – I add two teaspoons -.
  • Add the mix to the mold with the cookie base and introduce into the oven until it get solid, between 10-150 min at 120º.
  • Remove from the oven and wait until it is refresh to decorate with some slices of live and serve.
  • *If you prefer the pie refreshing – or it is summer -, introduce it on the fridge to make it cold.












I have still more than a half kilo of limes though! Any suggestion?