Iem is a very special person. Iem is an artist, a very good person and a visionary with a serious and very good taste and style.

I know him through another close friend, Anna – Justmebymyself – and since we met we have had a funny and true friendly connection.

Mallorca, where he lives, his house in the gipsy neighbourhood called Soledad and the thousands of e-mails and whatsup we send each other every week with inspirations and true thinkings are things that makes my life better.

You can follow him on his tumblr iemthomas and his new one pixelssmell – lo más! -.



(Iem has chosen to reply with short videos)

– What’s the best thing that happened to you in the middle of nature?
– How do you care of your body? 
– And  mind? 
– The best trip you have done so far.
– And your dreamed trip?

– A phrase that represents you.


Eco-thank you, eco-loveeeee!