Isabella is a delicate art piece.

Isabella is a storyteller.

Isabella’s Instagram is a very, very, very good plan.

Isabella is an Isa-Bella.




– What’s your favourite plan in the place you live? 
I have just recently moved to NYC, so trying to figure out my routine. However, early rises have always been my favourite. Waking up and getting that feeling of time, silence and self-consciousness. Make breakfast slowly and later enjoy it while playing some French music in the background.
Also, whenever I get the chance, a late night walk by the river. Helps you escape from the city’s noise and intensity and feels so special.
– And what’s your favourite plant?
I find it hard to choose a plant, i feel they are so symbolic in a way. Different plants and their unique aroma take me back to different people. Mint and basil remind me of home and my Dad, and mimosa of my Mum. Eucalyptus I think describes me pretty well… love its perfume, its shape, it´s simplicity. So discreet but always so present in the room.
– How do you care of your body? 
I like to take time to feel and “listen” to my body, nurture it inside and out. I like to meditate and go for long walks, something which might not be as easy since I moved here but definitely a lot more necessary ! NY can become pretty overwhelming at times. Pilates and dancing are my two favourite practices. They immediately make me forget about everything else around me and just feel.
I also embrace those moments in which I can just take time to have a bath and finish it covering my whole body in coconut oil.
– And mind? 
I am someone that as much as I love sharing and being with people, I do need to spend time alone and just be silent and allow thoughts to flow. Being close to nature whenever I can and force myself to appreciate the simple things in life, it is always so refreshing and helps you put everything else in perspective.
– What’s the best thing that has happened to you in the middle of the nature?
Experiencing the stunning sunsets in Menorca from the rocks, in silence, and laying on the grass with my mother and just stare at the moon as if it were the first time we really saw it.
– The best trip you have done so far.
A road trip with my mother and two siblings discovering the west coast and the impressive Big Sur landscape.
– And your dreamed trip?
A non-planned road trip throughout Italy, visiting the small villages and staying with country people, people who haven’t left the country and can’t speak English, cook with la Mamma of the house and drink wine while listening to their crazy stories and have Maria Calla’s “Habanera” as soundtrack.
– A phrase that represents you.
 Stay a beginner.
I think i love her now more than ever.
Loads of eco-love,