When I first met Isabel in Mallorca through Guillem, I remember having already a talk related to her future or “make-believed” brand. It was three years ago, and what was a chat has suddenly become something real.

Times go fast and dreams come true.

ISALDA, her brand, is already on stores and online waiting for potential women and seeking souls who look for something more than a bag, and something more than an unknown brand. They have to be looking for real arts and thirsty to live and experience more than an acquisition.

The japanese inspiration, the softness of the leather, the amazing folds, the colours, the origami expressions and the smell… i’m still opening the bag at the wardrobe just to smell the allure. Isn’t it something more than a simple bag?

Being sincerous, I have been having doubts about posting an article related to fashion – it is the first one in the blog – but I’ve been clarified since I started writing this. ISALDA is not just fashion, or just a brand. Is something more, and the best thing is that the little difference is inside every person who is gona experience it.

She is right now in Paris showing the pieces at Premiere Classe while I’m at my home writing this lines, and smiling from inside hoping to convey my feelings.

Because when a brand touches your feelings everything becomes nicer, softer, appealing.

And suddenly the amazing smell of the nard, the flower that is in the first picture comes to me, and this post as the most sincerous meaning.

Hope you can feel it.











Pictures by Nacha Aljaro.