This is one of the reasons of my recent happiness: the 15 minutes of yoga that I practice every morning – at least four times per week – at home.

This is what I do – really easy -:

1. Wake up

2. Take a pee

3. Go straight in front of your TV-Computer (if you don’t have it, just do it with your laptop).

4. Sit down in a carpet in front of the TV/laptop – be sure you see the screen properly -.

5. Press Play to the yoga video you like – or hate – most.

6. Breath, smile and dont’ stop thinking this is very positive for you.



1. BEGINNERS – I always think that this man must be a very good person… -.

2. HAPPIERS – My boyfriend hates her but this girl is very happy and funny, although yes, she talks a lot -.

3. YOGUIS – This girls is serious, and it is a serious and very complete morning yoga practice -.

4. PERIOD  – Yessss, there is something “natural” that makes you feel much better during the monstruation -.





H&M black leggings and Daniel Johnstons T-shirt.