“Our secret is just to keep it simple!” says Jordi Gascó, who has been working in the restaurant during the last 25 years.

This is my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona over a lifetime, the restaurant I’ve most visited ever, where I feel super good and I enjoy the food like nothing else. My parents discovered it to me when I was a teenager and since there I haven’t stopped going since.

It is called Self Naturista, and it is located on C/Santa Ana, 11-17 – the first street on your left walking down Las Ramblas -.

It is opened since 1980 and it was the first self service vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona – and the second vegetarian restaurant from the city -. The first cookers of Self Naturista where pure vegetarian and naturist people of the decade.

The best option is to choose the daily menu that includes a salad – with an amazing gazpacho during whole year -, a complete starter, a main dish, a dessert and two pieces of wholegrain bread for 9,45 €. Amazing!

Another good thing is that it is open all day, they do not close from 10am to 22pm and its perfect when you do not have any other option downtown.

You will feel like you are eating back in the 80’s – or in a school canteen -, but I love it, and if you don’t care about that you will find a cheap, easy, healthy and delicious option to have a meal!


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Fotos: Marc Medina.