This is one of these books that can change your life. It changed mine, and in this post I summarize some of the thoughts that I never want to forget.

Escric aquest post en català, ja que parlar de La Fornenca és parlar d’una familia amb qui em relaciono en català – i fer-ho en castellà seria com parlar d’alguna altra cosa, amb una altra gent -. El primer cop que vaig visitar La Fornenca, de camí no sabía ben bé on anava, sí sabia que era la casa d’estiueig dels avis del meu nòvio, però poc més. Un cop allà vaig saber perquè l’havia escoltat nombrar varios cops abans i perquè en sentia parlar amb autèntica emoció entre ells. Si busqués un sol adjectiu per descriure-la, diría que era una casa…

I love when it happens. If behind a project there is someone I admire. Because then the enthusiasm and desire to find out is twofold. This is what happened to me at the amazing restaurant that Yolanda has recently opened in Ibiza. Discover Aubergine.

If one of your summer plans is to find peace, serenity and nature, I tell you my experience of how I got into one of the wildest and most popular islands in the world, as well as wild and beautiful, Ibiza.

I was really excited about this event. It was my first one related with the blog and besides with my ex-colleague from the agency I liked also that it was a presentation about a new cooking book about detox recipes with raw food.