I was really excited about this event. It was my first one related with the blog and besides with my ex-colleague from the agency Grapa.ws. I liked also that it was a presentation about a new cooking book about detox recipes with raw food.

I would like to share the products, tricks and rituals I’ve tried and discovered with such a good results for my skin.

I’ve read a lot about this since I am a teenager – beauty treatments, natural products and home remedies – and the only thing that now I can say is that you don’t know the results and effects in your skin until you try them and compare them with the generic ones with knowledge and awareness.

Iem is a very special person. Iem is an artist, a very good person and a visionary with a serious and very good taste and style. Know him through my personal questions.

Some months ago I discovered Gra de Gràcia, a spacious with all wooden furniture shop in the neighbourhood of Gràcia where buying in bulk is possible. I love eco-shopping!