It was one of the first cold fridays from Autumn, and I remember coming back to work after this beautiful morning in the woods with two thoughts in mind:

  • How easy it becomes when a brand puts its souls in a presentation.
  • How nice is to know the people behind a brand: you understand the brand values immediately, and if they are pure, the brand is pure.

That was what happened with Verdugo and the presentation of OFF THE GRID Collection.

The space of Gang and the Wool at Vallvidrera from Manuela –  another “pure heart” behind its project – was beautifully decorated with ribbons, flowers and a detail I loved: a sentence in an envelop from the writer, poet and philosopher that inspired Lourdes, the designer of Verdugo, to design the collection. She wanted us to read it before going to explore to the wood for picking some branches of trees and shrubs to make our own bouquet back to the house.

It was simply beautiful, inspiring and pure. As all the brand should be.